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One of the hardest part of any story, particularly a fantasy, is coming up with character names. whenever one of my hanson (the little blue guys) names something, I go to a character-naming reference to find something appropriate. What language … Continue reading

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Appreciation 2

    It’s nice when somebody finds your blog, maybe by accident, likes what they read, and clicks ‘follow.’ When I learn about it, I try to reciprocate, and I did this time. Thanks, ‘the bettermanprojects’! Followers and likers don’t come … Continue reading

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Thanks, Doug, for critiquing “Lessons.” I appreciate the feedback and input. Because you write in a different genre, you can bring a fresh prespective to my writing.

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lessons v1

One obstacle out of the way–I finished handscribing “Lessons“, book 2 of the Alborn series. Still wordprocessing the last chapters. This book is a bit of a departure from the first. Especially in the later chapters, there are bad guys … Continue reading

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A Sample of Sixes

A Six, named by the Six Sentences writing community, is a story told in six sentences, no more, no less. Although I don’t specialize in this form, here are a few I’ve done.  After the Rain Winds howls by, whipping … Continue reading

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What am I?

I wrote this awhile ago, questioning who I am. I posted it on my other site in July 2011. It still fits, although I’m a bit less active. Posted on July 27, 2011 by carolynsworld               What am I?     … Continue reading

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Working on It

  Still learning the business of having a blog. I have a more personal one ( and now this. On top of deciding what to write, you have to make it right, with the appropriate title, subtitle, and theme. Working … Continue reading

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