lessons v1

One obstacle out of the way–I finished handscribing “Lessons“, book 2 of the Alborn series. Still wordprocessing the last chapters. This book is a bit of a departure from the first. Especially in the later chapters, there are bad guys and deserters, and you won’t see them coming. The pups are faced with hard decisions, and lives will change, as much as the geography [tease! :)].

Started handscribing book 3 ,which picks up where book 2 left off. It’s tentatively called “Resolutions“, because that’s what it’s about. Erickson and Osborn have to be faced, and the Earthers have to be dealt with. The dinosaurs? Can’t just leave them running around. The dragons don’t like the dinosaurs, and they do something about them (Yep, dragons and dinosaurs and humans and not-humans all in the same story). No, no fighting or eating. Something magical.

Me? I need to research castles (so they can recover Castle Arda for Kristof) and medieval battles. Because we’re talking about hansons (who, you ask), research in sneakiness is in order (hansons are half-sized blue-skinned humanoids created to serve and not liking it. Most are now independent but living in a not-friendly world). Hey, cat, anything you want to teach me?


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