Appreciation 2

    It’s nice when somebody finds your blog, maybe by accident, likes what they read, and clicks ‘follow.’ When I learn about it, I try to reciprocate, and I did this time. Thanks, ‘the bettermanprojects’! Followers and likers don’t come often, I don’t write often enough to merit any, so they’re appreciated when it happens.

    Since this is a writer’s blog, I should be thanking some people. Like my mom and her mom who encouraged me to read by giving me books (And Joe would say—too many books! Nope, not such creature. J), helping me develop a decent vocabulary.

    There is Livi who challenged me to write a story in faction, not fiction. Once was enough, thank you.

    There is Robert McEvily, creator of ‘Six Sentences’, teaching a definite economy of words.

    There are my listsibs and friends at the 6S site, who offer critiques and encouragement as needed. Having hardcopy versions of anthologies that I was a contributing author to gives me the right to say “Yes, I’m published, even if it’s not paid”, a step in the right direction.

    And there are my friends and sibs at the Writer’s Digest Scifi/Fantasy critique forum. They read over my postings, and offer excellent critiques and lots of encouragement. I try to pay it forward.

    Can I thank the late author Dorothy Sayers (Lord Peter’s creator)? I take a lesson from her. If I can’t do it or can’t have it, my main character can do it or has it, and I experience it vicariously. Not the same, but it’ll have to do.

    Thanks to all for everything.

About carolyncarceo

cat lover, fantasy writer, library rat, explorer (within limits), kid at heart
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