One of the hardest part of any story, particularly a fantasy, is coming up with character names. whenever one of my hanson (the little blue guys) names something, I go to a character-naming reference to find something appropriate.

What language do I pick? I chose Teutonic for the people of Edwige, and Swedish for their counterparts across the sea in Elin. For the names of Edwige hanson’s young or pups, I chose Russian names, for the most part. For two neighboring countries, I chose Hungarian. When I also used it for a nasty country across the sea, I realized there had to be a link between these countries. With that, I had complicated the plot a little. Maybe a lot.

A rule when a language is picked is to be consistent. When the Edwige hanson name something, it must be from the Teutonic, and, if possible, it should be appropriate. A plant whose leaf juice goes on wounds is call ada or happy. Dried grasses for fires in a shrine are elga or holy. An apatosaurus is a belden (lives in a beautiful glen), but a raptor is a helmer (fighting fury). And be mindful of the bergers (of the mountains), the being-eaten-by kind, not the catsup and relish kind. We call them pterodactyls. The chief god, the patron god of the oppressed, displaced, and wanderers (and my main characters are all three), is Aimon (home).

I mentioned dragons before. Living on an island half a world away from the lands of men, what language are their names and terms? I remembered my time in Hawaii, and chose Polynesian. It seemed appropriate.

Do you have rules or ways of naming?

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2 Responses to Naming

  1. Anthony C. says:

    I’m the same way. I wonder if I should use someones first name but everything else changed? Use someone I know like my mom etc as a template and make up details and a new name for a new character. Maybe use a first name from a favorite model or actor you like. Since it’s a story scene. It fits. Every creator has his or her own way. I have created characters from scratch. a complete fake name. Like a nickname and details to give that character depth. Emotions etc. A virtual soul sort to speak.

  2. I use a lot of real live people just templates, just change everything else about them.

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