Wandering No more


Yow! Nothing since November? My humblest apologies!

Not a whole lot done. Been trying to do too many things at once, and it’s slowed everything down.

Did make one important decision, though. My original multi-book series, The Wanderer Chronicles, is now history, trashed, with some other stuff, when I had to clean out and sort out the closet for the debedbugging process (see Carolynsworld for details). It was all in the hand-scribed form, and had been for years, with no evidence it was ever going to progress beyond that. It was just sitting in the box gathering silverfish (or whatever). It was an amateur project (I hope I am a better writer than I was when I started it back in high school (Yep, that long ago!)), full of attitude and snobbiness reflecting the times it was written in. Me, I reread the 1st book, and had to do some serious editing, but it wasn’t salvageable. Maybe some parts later on, but that was all, and I couldn’t have those parts without everything leading to them. No, it had to go. I did salvage some people and places I created for the stories, and I’ll try to use them in my current work. We writers steal from the best, right? Well, they were among my best at the time. Not going to let them go to waste.

The critiquing forum is becoming a problem. Not the forum itself, just my getting on it. I can log on to the home page, but, when I try to get on to the forum page, it says I have to log on again, bringing me to my profile. When I say it’s updated, I go back to the ‘you have to log on’ page. Serious pain-in-the-behind! Have to wait until I can bring my computer over the library, and borrow their wifi, to log on. Work and the library have outdated browsers, and don’t work. Heck, I can’t even post on my blogs from them (partial reason for no posts in awhile; the other reason being not much has happened)!

Up to chapter 5 in my current work. Trying to do the BIC rule (Butt In Chair).

That’s it for now. I’ll try to post at least once a week for now on. No promises.



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cat lover, fantasy writer, library rat, explorer (within limits), kid at heart
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