One thing I’m learning is to make use of persons, places, and things from other stories of mine that I never finished. For example, for years I handscribed a series of books to be called The Wanderer Chronicles. The series, actually one continuous story, wavered between science-fiction and fantasy. It featured first one person (Paul), then a couple (Paul and Kathy), and finally two couples (Paul and Kathy, Lyn and Rudy), Paul and Kathy traveling the stars (the science-fiction aspect), Lyn and Rudy powers in a male-dominated medieval world (and Lyn the higher power) (the fantasy aspect).

I had it all written out in first version in a maze of notebooks, and it sat in a covered box, gathering silverfish and God knows what else, but it wasn’t getting worked on. I took one look at the first chapters of the first book, and couldn’t believe I had written it, it was so weak and amateurish. Mind you, it had written it more than half a lifetime ago. An attempt to fix it with editing proved fruitless; it was beyond repair. It had to go.

All of it? Was nothing salvageable? I had maps, designed cities, created/named/described people. These I saved, these I took out and put in a folder with information for the story I’m working on now. I’ve started using one of the cities.

How much will I use? Don’t know, but I’ll keep these scraps. They may come in handy; you never know.

Good news on the critiquing front. I had to reinvent myself, but I can get back into the WD critique forum now. Got the first two parts of the last chapter of The Bridge Door posted

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