Welcome! I’m a Massachusetts native who’s been writing for as long as I can remember. My 1st character was Ubby, my toy dog. I pretended he was alive for a story I called “Doggone.” Mind you, I was 7 at the time. All these years later, I still have Ubby (and Morgan, his companion who never became part of a story), but, alas, not the story. My brother accidently threw it out. Trashed at the same time was my 1st attempt at a novel. It starred a father and son team (Paul and Jim Cowrancher), Jim’s pet little pink bear (Pinky, who never grew), and whatever TV stars and series caught my attention to insert my leads in. We all start somewhere, and that was mine.

I have kept writing, learning as I go. I read the pages of my 1st attempt at a series (“The Wanderer Chronicles”), and I cringe. Massive rewrites and editing going to be needed, but I’m learning.

I try to have a few projects going at once. If I get stuck with one, I can work on another.

I write novels (which are supposed to become stand-alones but become trilogies) and short stories, and I am an occasional contributor to sixsentences.ning.com (earlier bits can be found at its sister site, sixsentences. blogspot.com), and I have been published in some of the sixsentences hard copy anthologies (So I’m published! Just not paid.).

My pay-the-rent job is that of a contract security officer, so my writing is, as the title says, on the side. But, if you ask me what I am, I will say “A writer.” So this is a writer’s life, on the side.


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