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getting lazy?

Call yourself a writer? Yes, you’re getting more written of book 3, but nothing more is done of editing book 1. Can’t send to an agent or publisher if you don’t edit. And for the writing……… WTF? Why is it … Continue reading

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sighless quickie

Getting a bit more written in book 3 chapter 8. Using my old discarded world to fill in characters and places. Why throw out what worked? Book 1 rewrite? Not so much done. I’ll see about tackling that after summer … Continue reading

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Just a snippet to say that, although it has been slow, the writing’s coming. Book 3 is on chapter 6, and posting for critiquing of book 1 is on the last chapter. More to follow.

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  Handscribing the 3rd book in my trilogy, and the going is slow. In fact, I haven’t written anything in a few days. I’m a few chapters in, so I’ve gotten a good start, and I have an idea of … Continue reading

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What’s New?

    Well, I finally broke down and bought a new computer, a Vaio. Even got it all virus-protected. Has a webcam built-in (Don’t ask me how it works! 😀 ). Guess I’m climbing out of the Dark Ages and into … Continue reading

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lessons v1

One obstacle out of the way–I finished handscribing “Lessons“, book 2 of the Alborn series. Still wordprocessing the last chapters. This book is a bit of a departure from the first. Especially in the later chapters, there are bad guys … Continue reading

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