A month without a post? *eyes down* Sorry, wasn’t anything new to put down. Been busy and all tired, so there’s been little writing. Even rec reading’s been off. I’ll try to do better next time.

Yep, I scold myself when I mess up. You?

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Nothing in October? Shame! *wagging finger*

Still working on book 3 (in my spare time). A forum sib has agreed to be a beta reader for book 1. Got the 1st 4 chapters edited, ready to send to her.


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Hey, you! Yeah, you, the writer! How come there’s been no posts in over a month? Forgot how to write? Fix it! *shaking finger at mirror self* *lower head, sorry*

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catching up

Remember “My First”? The post about getting paid for something I wrote? There’s been a delay in publishing. It was supposed to be this summer, then became November, and now next summer. I will cross my fingers (if I can type that way), and hope for the best, but I am becoming a bit pessimistic. Are these kinds of delays normal in publishing? I know it’s a small (very) press, but still….

Into chapter 7 of Resolutions (book 3 of the trilogy). The last chapter of The Bridge Door, book 1, is completely on the forum for critiquing now (a few views but no comments so far on the last part).

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Just a snippet to say that, although it has been slow, the writing’s coming. Book 3 is on chapter 6, and posting for critiquing of book 1 is on the last chapter. More to follow.

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One thing I’m learning is to make use of persons, places, and things from other stories of mine that I never finished. For example, for years I handscribed a series of books to be called The Wanderer Chronicles. The series, actually one continuous story, wavered between science-fiction and fantasy. It featured first one person (Paul), then a couple (Paul and Kathy), and finally two couples (Paul and Kathy, Lyn and Rudy), Paul and Kathy traveling the stars (the science-fiction aspect), Lyn and Rudy powers in a male-dominated medieval world (and Lyn the higher power) (the fantasy aspect).

I had it all written out in first version in a maze of notebooks, and it sat in a covered box, gathering silverfish and God knows what else, but it wasn’t getting worked on. I took one look at the first chapters of the first book, and couldn’t believe I had written it, it was so weak and amateurish. Mind you, it had written it more than half a lifetime ago. An attempt to fix it with editing proved fruitless; it was beyond repair. It had to go.

All of it? Was nothing salvageable? I had maps, designed cities, created/named/described people. These I saved, these I took out and put in a folder with information for the story I’m working on now. I’ve started using one of the cities.

How much will I use? Don’t know, but I’ll keep these scraps. They may come in handy; you never know.

Good news on the critiquing front. I had to reinvent myself, but I can get back into the WD critique forum now. Got the first two parts of the last chapter of The Bridge Door posted

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Wandering No more


Yow! Nothing since November? My humblest apologies!

Not a whole lot done. Been trying to do too many things at once, and it’s slowed everything down.

Did make one important decision, though. My original multi-book series, The Wanderer Chronicles, is now history, trashed, with some other stuff, when I had to clean out and sort out the closet for the debedbugging process (see Carolynsworld for details). It was all in the hand-scribed form, and had been for years, with no evidence it was ever going to progress beyond that. It was just sitting in the box gathering silverfish (or whatever). It was an amateur project (I hope I am a better writer than I was when I started it back in high school (Yep, that long ago!)), full of attitude and snobbiness reflecting the times it was written in. Me, I reread the 1st book, and had to do some serious editing, but it wasn’t salvageable. Maybe some parts later on, but that was all, and I couldn’t have those parts without everything leading to them. No, it had to go. I did salvage some people and places I created for the stories, and I’ll try to use them in my current work. We writers steal from the best, right? Well, they were among my best at the time. Not going to let them go to waste.

The critiquing forum is becoming a problem. Not the forum itself, just my getting on it. I can log on to the home page, but, when I try to get on to the forum page, it says I have to log on again, bringing me to my profile. When I say it’s updated, I go back to the ‘you have to log on’ page. Serious pain-in-the-behind! Have to wait until I can bring my computer over the library, and borrow their wifi, to log on. Work and the library have outdated browsers, and don’t work. Heck, I can’t even post on my blogs from them (partial reason for no posts in awhile; the other reason being not much has happened)!

Up to chapter 5 in my current work. Trying to do the BIC rule (Butt In Chair).

That’s it for now. I’ll try to post at least once a week for now on. No promises.



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