The Bridge Door is done and even re-edited. I just need a good query letter now, and then see what happens when I inquire. Good luck, me!

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Just got word from Magpie Eclectic Press that they will not be making an anthology of short stories any time soon. My story “The Hidden” Had been accepted to be included. Seems only 2 people sent back signed contracts (I was one). Bummer! Would have been my 1st paid sale.

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Motif #1

Old, and yet not so old, the original was a victim of the blizzard of ’78, the present an insistence and gift from the public.

Red now, she is a sign of home and welcome.

It’s breezy but calm and peaceful here, the inner harbor rung with houses, fishing shacks, and wharfs, a few boats waiting for their owners’ orders to head out to sea.

It’s relaxing to be here (despite the persistent breeze), away from the big-time hustle and business of the city I work in or the smaller one I live in.

The motif is a reminder of calmer, slower days when you could go about your business and still have time to gather your thoughts.

Is it the seas within our cells that seek out places like this, with the water, the peace, the memory, the call home?*

This was written after a visit to Bearskin Neck, Rockport, MA, and is what I thought as I relaxed at the wharf by the motif.

* A scientist/explorer/philosopher of our time and far wiser than me explained himself by saying “I am the sea, and the sea is me.”

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getting lazy?

Call yourself a writer? Yes, you’re getting more written of book 3, but nothing more is done of editing book 1. Can’t send to an agent or publisher if you don’t edit. And for the writing……… WTF? Why is it taking so long to do this book? Get serious or get gone. Capeesch?
No luck with the Writers Digest forum site; still can’t get in. Damn! What’s that all about?

Update: Mike Thomas got me in. Have to be him now.

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deja vue

Back in March 2013, I mentioned having problems logging onto the Writers Digest critique forum. Log onto the home page, get to the site, and it says you have to log in, which you already did. Guess what? It’s happened again. I can’t get in. I’ll have to check to see if it’s the site or just the work computers or what. Deja vue all over again.

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sighless quickie

Getting a bit more written in book 3 chapter 8. Using my old discarded world to fill in characters and places. Why throw out what worked? Book 1 rewrite? Not so much done. I’ll see about tackling that after summer school ends.

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la sigh

Still working on book 3 (in my spare time). A forum sib has agreed to be a beta reader for book 1. Got the 1st 4 chapters edited, ready to send to her. This was from a previous post. The sib hasn’t been on the forum lately. I need to put the 4 chapters (and more when I get unlazy and edit them) in one file to send to her, but she isn’t on for me to ask how she wants it. Is a puzzlement! *la sigh*

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